475th Server Stats

Full Player and Game Server Stats!!

CNOP Approved

Merrills Marauders is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.


Sitemap of Merrills Marauders


deny Clan Manager
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 cat3 Day of Defeat Source
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 cat3 Battle For Europe League Play
     cat2 League Game Play
         cat " Official " Player Signups for BFE
         cat Battle for Europe Steam Group
         cat BFE Website
         cat Admins Needed for BFE League
         cat 475th sign up for BFE
         cat BFE Game Play
         cat BFE Class Limits
         cat BFE Server Configuration
         cat BFE Mods Updated
         cat Battle for Europe
 cat3 General
     cat2 475th Mess Hall
         cat Rest in Peace LB - Tributes
         cat Update on one of Our Members
         cat Update your System Specs
         cat WW2 FPS Games
         cat Promotion to MP (Dark Diaper)
         cat A tribute to Johan Linde
         cat Caen Map
         cat Update Server Name & Clan Tag change ALL MEMBERS READ
         cat Introductions
         cat Wellness check on LB
     cat2 475th 1.3 Servers
         cat Custom Server
         cat 1.3 Server Update
         cat Server up?
         cat I was wrongfully banned from the Caen server
         cat Banned?????
         cat Slaughter in spawn
         cat Problem Players - need admin help
         cat Server Tweak ideas
         cat New DoD 1.3 Custom Server running
         cat One shot weapons
     cat2 475th Source Servers
         cat No more sprays?
         cat New Source Servers
         cat DoD Source Server Bot and Exploit Issues
         cat DOD Source Event
         cat Why no FF on Source server?
         cat Black
         cat Chinese names hacking??
         cat New Maps for DoD Source
         cat New MP's for Source
         cat Exciting news about our DoD:S server!
     cat2 475th Technical Help
         cat Graphics problem
         cat Windows seven support
         cat For players with high pings/lag issues
         cat PC mic problems
         cat DOD S Config help
         cat Problem Connecting to Source
         cat Team Speak 3
         cat Tags and Binds for Source
         cat Changing nick in Day of Defeat Source
         cat DOD Source Variables
     cat2 475th Website
         cat New 475th Theme added to website
         cat New Roster
         cat Can't post on website from my phone
         cat https security
         cat Spell check
         cat Forum Ranks
         cat Steam Community
         cat In-Game Player Names
     cat2 475th MP's
         cat Keep an eye out....
         cat Issues 20190217
         cat i was banned for no reason
         cat How to unban?
         cat Multiple players, same IP address.
         cat Submitting Demos
         cat Player - Corncob - would like him watched.
         cat DoD:S server in need of admin monitoring
         cat Reminder to all MPs
         cat Respawn timer 15seconds
     cat2 475th Donations
         cat Emergency! Donations Impossible!
         cat Donations Needed!
         cat Donetion time guys
         cat Donations
         cat Donations: June 2018
         cat Donations: May 2018
         cat Donations: April 2018
         cat Donations
         cat Donations: March 2018
     cat2 Join the 475th
         cat Congrats to Sh4rkbite promotion to Alpha A squad
         cat Congrats to Rham243 & Cyborg promotion to Alpha A squad
         cat Please Welcome JJ Kalad Salad to the 475th
         cat New Membership Application Form by JJKale
         cat Please Welcome Sh4rkbiTe to the 475th
         cat New Membership Application Form by Sh4rkbiTe
         cat Welcome back Snakeeyes45acp back the the 475th
         cat New Membership Application Form by SnakEyes45acp
         cat New recruitment form
         cat Short and Sweet AShadow is back in the MM475th
     cat2 Banned Players
         cat banned
         cat Banned 4 weeks!
         cat I get banned, and i dont know why
         cat <SK> | DRILL_SGT_P_02
         cat Bringoo
         cat Dodge This banned a few months ago
         cat Permanently Banned this evening
         cat I have been banned.
         cat a funny lil boy
         cat choker
     cat2 World of Tanks
         cat 475th Joins World of Tanks
     cat2 Archived
         cat New Leadership
         cat hey i am new to your form -edited
         cat Server Mods
         cat Help
         cat Photos of your computers
         cat SprayPaing 475
         cat GameMe Stats Down
         cat 475th Video
         cat Merrillīs Marauders
         cat New facebook page
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     cat2 NattyBumppo
     cat2 princehumperdink
     cat2 cleric
     cat2 JJKale
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     cat2 475th Officially Joins Adds World of Tanks to our Sponsored Games
     cat2 Tribute to LB
     cat2 DoD Source Map of the Month
     cat2 Dod 1.3 Server Mods
     cat2 New Chicago Servers
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